The Benefits of Magnetotherapy

Soft and effective, this therapy supports and activates the mechanisms of regulation and defense of the body, as naturally as possible, in a non-invasive way and without side effect.

At the heart of each cell and each joint is a natural electric field that generates its own magnetic field. The shape and frequency of the magnetic waves emanating from this field are intended to regulate the metabolism of the cell as well as its natural regeneration.

It is a recognized fact today that pulsed magnetic fields have stimulating or analgesic effects on most cells.

With Magnetotherapy you have:

⋅ Better blood circulation: circulation is increased to the tiniest vessels in the blood system.

⋅ Improved oxygen delivery: Pulsed magnetic fields allow oxygen enrichment of tissues, which improves physiological functions.

⋅ A better local metabolism: better cellular activity for a healthy body.


History of Magnetotherapy

In the 1920s, Lakhovsky, a Russian scientist emigrated to Paris, imagines that each cell has its own resonance frequency, and that this resonance is altered when a cell is sick. It gives rise to a generator of magnetic fields to allow the affected cells to regain their original natural frequency.

The use of magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes, or magnetotherapy, goes back to antiquity. From that time, man lent healing powers to naturally magnetic stones. In Greece, doctors then fabricated magnetized metal rings to alleviate the pain of arthritis.

In the Middle Ages, magnetotherapy was recommended to disinfect wounds and treat several health problems, including arthritis as well as poisoning and baldness. The alchemist Philippus Von Hohenheim, better known as Paracelsus, believed that magnets were capable of removing disease from the body.

Today, magnetotherapy is used to treat a wide variety of health problems. It is used primarily to relieve pain associated with chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetic neuropathies and back pain, and to promote wound healing. In classical medicine, it is used frequently to treat fractures that are slow to heal.


How does it works?

The principle consists in stimulating, by means of an apparatus, what the body normaly produces by itself, rather than "injecting" chemical substances into it.

It is therefore simply a matter of rebalancing the energy system by repeated exposures to a magnetic field with pulses of low frequencies on the areas where the pain is located.

Thanks to pulsed magnetic fields, pain can not only be relieved but the evolution of crisis can be considerably slowed down.

Découvrez tous les bienfaits de la magnétothérapie dans les articles de presse

Magnetotherapy in the press

All articles that talk about magnetotherapy.


Le quotidien du médecin - 26 avril 1999

"Pulsatile signal therapy significantly reduces pain and significantly improves morbidity in most chronic, inflammatory or traumatic joint disorders ..."

"The main therapeutic objective in osteoarthritis is the elimination of pain. In the palette of pain reduction treatments, new means are arriving, mainly the technique of electromagnetic pulse current which international studies have proved to be effective. "" Recent studies have demonstrated the reactivation of human connective tissue with this technique by restoring a magnetic field. "" This technique using very weak pulsed electromagnetic fields has been widely studied in the United States where work Involving more than 10 000 patients have been carried out ... Germany where more than 50 000 patients have been treated in 180 centers spread all over the country ... At the same time, various clinical studies have been carried out, notably one carried out by Dr Serge Perrot In the service of Professor Menkes at the Cochin Hospital in Paris. Other developments are ongoing alongside osteoarthritis and post-traumatic joint pain, especially in dental surgery with a study on temporomandibular osteoarthritis. "


Paris Match - June 1999

"A study conducted at the Cochin Hospital demonstrates the effectiveness of pulsed signal therapy for certain locomotor disorders."


Médecine Douce - October 2005

"It is true that magnetic healings of neuralgia, headaches, tendonitis, muscular contractures, fractures and rheumatism, among a long list of ills improved and cured in this way, do not relate to pharmaceutical multinationals unlike analgesics, tranquilizers, steroids And other corticosteroids! "


La vie Naturelle - December 2005

"Magnetic field generators emit low-frequency discontinuous magnetic pulses that have proven to be sovereign in virtually all cases of inflammatory joint disease, polyarthritis, spondylitis, rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteonecrosis, pseudo-osteoarthritis and tendonitis, But also bone fractures, erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer's disease, chronic bronchitis, depression, insomnia, headache or multiple sclerosis ... "


Le Généraliste - March 1998

"Work carried out by the Ospedale Nigguarda Ca'Cravale Rheumatology Department, Milan's largest hospital, included 11 patients with osteoarticular lesions. Pulsed signal therapy is very effective and very quickly The limitation of movement. "


Ouest France - April 2001

"An alternative to drug treatments is developing in France: the pulsed signal technique No medication is available to stop the osteoarthritis suffered by 5 million French people today the pulsed signal technique developed by a bio-physicist German-American, Dr. Richard Markoll, sounds like an alternative to traditional treatments. "