Quality charter

Physaro's Mission

Through its brands and partners, Physaro aims to become the leading brand in sales-meetings and offer the customers innovative products and innovations in terms of comfort and well-being. To bring you these products, Physaro offers a complete range of services giving the customers the opportunity to inform themselves, to learn and improve their daily lives.

Our vision

We want to democratize innovation by reaching out to our customers. We do not wait, we are actor in the daily life of each one of them.

We continue to develop and being recognized for our "savoir-faire", our performance and our creativity, while guaranteeing to all our partners and partners a healthy, dynamic and functionning network.

Our values

The Physaro policy is based on core values shared by all employees and the driving force behind our daily actions..

We are exemplary because we must always be proud of our work.

We respect creativity because we must constantly be a source of innovation.

We believe first of all in humility because we must continually challenge ourselves in order to guarantee optimal quality.

Respect is essential at Physaro because human relationships are at the heart of our business.

Our commitment to excellence and transparency leads us to set goals to satisfy our customers, suppliers, partners and investors.

The futur and & Goals

- Satisfy our customers by improving our services based on active listening to their expectations.

- Offer innovative services and products in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

- Satisfy our partners and suppliers by developing their presence and awareness in a sustainable way in parallel with Physaro.

- Improve our internal processes to achieve efficiency.

- Give our employees the best training and individual development to improve skills and performance.

- Maintain the growth of the company to guarantee a sustainable development and meet the confidence and expectations of our customers.