Quality bedding

Choose quality bedding for a good night rest

How to choose your high quality bedding? How to choose mattress? How to choose a perfect bed base?

Adapted bedding is essential for a restful sleep, a source of balance and well-being for everyone

We sleep during third of our lives and it seriously conditions our days, take care of your nights by investing in quality bedding.

Quality bedding

How to choose a good matress

To sleep well a good mattress is very important
It is essential when you choose your mattress to inquire about suspension, support, filling, standard or mattress size, sleep independence, allergies and manufacturing quality. If you want to obtain comfort you will need this information. The more the mattress is adapted to our morphology, the better the restful sleep.

Also consider opting for the best orientation of your bed in your bedroom in order to get the best out of your new high quality bedding.

Quality bedding

A big choice but only one winner for Physaro

There are 6 key points for choosing your mattress for a premium bedding:

⋅ Suspension: Latex mattress, Memory foam mattress, Foam mattress, Spring mattress

⋅ The filling

⋅ Size

⋅ Sleeping independance

⋅ Anti-allergy mattress

⋅ Quality and price

Many different models are present on the market, Physaro advises to its customers the mattresses to "memory of form" or Viscoelastic:

This foam is the most upmarket foam, it is an innovation first used for space travel.

It provides excellent support for people with back problems and offers unmatched ergonomics.


What is memory foam?

In the last few years, memory mattresses or visco-elastic mattresses have become very popular. The memory foam is essentially made of polyurethane. It reacts in a few minutes to the heat of the body to conform to your shape and body, which provides a significant relaxation of the points of tension and pression.

Memory foam is a material originally created by the Nasa research center and used for its adaptability. The foam resumes its initial shape when the sleeper moves during sleep and adapts to his new position, offering a customized sleep.

What are the benefits of memory foam mattresses?

On Memory foam, the spine is in perfect balance, giving us muscle relaxation and complete relaxation. The pressure points are lightened and diminished, as well as the hard points that hinder the free flow of blood in the organs. A circulation gene causes ankylosis, which causes movements that can alter sleep and lead to premature awakening.

Thanks to the memory foam, our quality of sleep and its repairing benefits are optimized. The memory mattress is soft, more enveloping than other mattresses. However, the structure of the foam is composed with open cells which allow a far better air circulation then other mattresses.

With a memory foam mattress, the sleeping independence is total, none of the sleepers feels the movements of the other.

In short, for whom and for what?

Memory foam mattresses are strongly recommended for people suffering from back pain (lower back pain, scoliosis, various pathologies of the spine), pregnant women, athletes and stressed or strained persons. High quality bedding is not a luxury, it is a need!

Quality bedding

The electric bed frame for relaxation and well-being

For your comfort Physaro combines the memory mattress with an electric bed frame.

The electric bed frame (lifting heads and feet), whether with slats or studs, allows, by means of a remote control, to raise one on different parts of the bed. The benefits of the electric frame are multiple, not only in terms of relaxation but also of well-being and health. Thanks to the precise lifting all the different parts of the body, head, bust, knees or legs, the muscles are relaxed, avoids stiffness, relieves lumbar and muscular tension or facilitates breathing or blood circulation.

Comfort is extreme, a double bed consists of a fixed frame with two independant systems and two separate mattresses. Each sleeper can adjust his bed as he or she wishes thanks to seperate remote controls, the sleeping independence is total and the movements of one does not affect the sleep of the other. In addition, the electric bed frame makes it easier to get in and out of bed, minimizing effort.

Depending on the desired degree of firmness, a slatted version with a firmer, more supportive design or a smoother version can be used with greater flexibility and mobility. It is recommended to combine a mattress made of latex, HR foam (high resilience) or memory foam with elastic properties to guarantee better resistance to deformation.