Physaro’s Sales meetings

Women gather at a Tupperware home party in 1958. First introduced in 1948, Tupperware home demonstrations were so effective at communicating the benefits of the revolutionary Tupperware seal, that by 1951, all Tupperware products were taken off of store shelves to be distributed in this manner. Almost fifty years later, the demonstration remains key to the success of Tupperware products. (AP Photo/Tupperware)In 1937, the company Stanhome invented and proved the effectiveness of sales in meetings. Very quickly Tupperware uses the technique and becomes the leader in the field of sales at home meetings.

The method of Sale in Reunion very quickly became a great way for the consumer, to make his purchases while passing a pleasant moment of conviviality. For the person who represents the direct selling business, this is a great way to increase his income.

Since the 1960s, the sale in Reunion or Home Party has been a huge success in Europe. It corresponds to an imperative need that exists in the depths of every human being.n.

Getting closer to our customers by adapting this system to Physaro

tupperware_party_729-420x0Physaro has simply adapted this sales system by creating great moments of conviviality where one of its ambassadors presents one or more innovative products in the field of well-being.

Where traditionnal sales require a “Hostess” who welcomes guests to her home, Physaro calls on to partners to create a friendly event hosted by an ambassador and invites future customers to a presentation of products selected with care and without any obligation of purchase.

The success of our meetings is guaranteed by the quality of the places and partners that welcome us or the original events that we organize, it is important for us to create a certain conviviality between our clients and our animators.

“Invitation: offering someonethe opportunity to come together in one place to participate together.”

Vente en Réunion - Physaro, produits innovants de bien-êtrePhysaro is delighted to receive your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers and we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to allow them to receive an invitation from us for one of our meetings.

When we invite, the guests know perfectly that they will attend a presentation of an innovative product. they responded to our invitation and have no nasty surprises.

For those who want to join us, they have to know that with good techniques and quality products, our sales in meetings are a great way to generate a complementary income.

If you like to attend one of our meetings, please fill in the form by clicking here.