Meeting at Home

The purchase of our products is done through direct sales and a personalized presentation. This presentation allows you to discover at home, for free and without obligation of purchase, the innovative products of Physaro with your friends, your relatives and your family (minimum 8 participants).

Contact us to arrange a meeting

Indicate when and how you wish to be contacted.

Our councelers contact you as you wish

He or she will explain the process of a demonstration.

Live demonstration with an ambassador

Discover the potential of our products and order.

We deliver directly to your home

Take advantage of your order delivered and directly installed.

How a meeting happens

  • You welcome the ambassador of Physaro in order to prepare the meeting
  • The arrival of the guests at the host's residence
  • Moment of relaxation and presentation of guests around a drink
  • Start of the meeting and presentation of several Physaro products without any obligation to purchase
  • Relaxation time around a snack prepared by the host
  • Distribution of the catalogs and handing-over a special gift to the host which allowed this moment of conviviality

Become a Host

Meeting at Home