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Physaro's innovative products

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Soft and effective, this therapy supports and activates the regulation mechanisms and body defense system as naturally as possible, in a non-invasive way and without any side effects.

At the heart of each cell and each joint is a natural electric field that generates its own magnetic field. The shape and frequency of the magnetic waves emanating from this field are intended to regulate the metabolism of the cell as well as its natural regeneration.

It is a recognized fact today that pulsed magnetic fields have stimulating or analgesic effects on most cells.

Magnetotherapy is part of the innovative products that allow:

  • Better blood circulation: increased circulation to the tiniest vessels in the blood system.
  • A better oxygen supply: the pulsed magnetic fields allow an enrichment of oxygen in the tissues, which improves the physiological functions.
  • A better local metabolism: better cellular activity for a healthy body.


Our machine is a technological revolution of manual lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy is part of the innovative products that allow to act simultaneously on the blood and lymphatic circulation by stimulating the exchange of blood and the drainage of toxins and waste.

Pressotherapy with Physaro has immediate lasting effects and benefits.

More powerful than manual lymphatic drainage, this pressotherapy will allow:

  • To act on edema, heavy legs, prevention of varicose veins.
  • Improve venous return.
  • Activate the elimination of toxins and waste.
  • To ensure the overproduction of lymphocytes.
  • Improve the body's defenses.
  • Reduce celulite.


Cryotherapy is part of the innovative products and consists of applying cold to a pathological area of the body. The effect of cold is to reduce the size of the vessels (vasoconstriction), to relieve the pain and to help reduce the bruising.

The cold compress or the instantaneous spray of cold allows a quick treatment of any pains with traumatic origin, articular or muscular. The cold is both anesthetic and prevents the muscle from building toxins like lactic acid (cramps, contractures).


Heat has analgesic properties. It creates vasodilation of the blood vessels, and affects the mechanisms of pain control as well as blood circulation. The diffusion of heat helps to promote relaxation of tissues and muscles.

Thermotherapy can therefore be proposed to relieve muscle pain: torticollis, lumbar pain, contractures, tensions. It can also be used for the treatment of headaches, menstrual pain, digestive disorders, and relaxation.

Thermotherapy can be used for sportsmen and women for prevention and recovery. Thermotherapy is also part of alternative care techniques used in the treatment of primary tumors, small lesions in the liver, kidneys and bones.