Meeting at your company

At Physaro we believe in direct sales and organize events by inviting our customers and future customers by phone and mail.
We receive our customers at our partners to share a convivial moment around a meal, an activity or a visit.
Meeting our customers directly and offering our product presentations without any obligation of purchase is very appreciated today.

Contact us to arrange a meeting

Indicate when and how you wish to be contacted.

Our event service has experience

Your company is brought to our customers.

Presentation of our products at your company

A real opportunity to discover our innovative products.

Our clients discover your activities.

Create a valuable image of your company.

The different steps of a meeting at our partners:

  • Welcoming of the Physaro Ambassador in order to prepare the meeting.
  • The arrival of guests in your establishment.
  • Start of the meeting and presentation of one or more Physaro products without any obligation to purchase.
  • A meal or an activity that allows you to get known by new customers and to show the quality of your company.

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