Become a presentator

Become a presentator with Physaro

Physaro calls its sales force Presentators, they are more than 25 activly working at the moment. We expand throughout Spain and Belgium and the rest of Europe. A real opportunity for you if you are a motivated and a dynamic person. If you are good with people and want to sell innovative quality products you are gonne enjoy meeting our customers. Physaro was invented for you, join our team of more than 250 persons and use our network to succeed along with us. The choice is yours!

Innovative products

Our presentators exclusively work with quality products. Our cusomers appreciate this quality and gives us the opportunity to be close to our audience

A network at your disposal

The experience and position of Physaro will bring you dense network and reliable partners

Tools thought for you

Physaro takes care of its presentators and brings them the perfect tools to work with. Succes has nothing to do with chance!

Regular training

We give our presentators regular training in order to improve their knwoledge and increase their skills.