Become a host

Become a Physaro Host

Showcase innovative Physaro products directly at your home for friends and family. Become a hostess for a brand that brings you every-day well-being. Starting from five guests, you can become a host and receive one of our advisors. Whatever the product, a Physaro presentator will perform a presentation directly with you. All you have to do is prepare some drinks and a small snack in order to receive your guests and make this home meeting welcoming and friendly. At the end of the presentation, we will give you a well deserved special gift.

You like our products

You like our products and you would like us to introduce them to your friends and family? Invite at least 5 persons and organize a meeting at your home.

The role of a host

Receive your loved ones, friends or family for a coffee, an aperitif or for a meal and bring them the experience of discovering our products directly at your home.

A moment of sharing

Discover the innovative products Physaro. It is comforting to introduce to your friends a person who knows what he or she is talking about

A gift for you

As a host, receive a gift from Physaro as you are the one organizing a meeting at your place.