Physaro: N°1 Organiser of sales meetings

Physaro offers you conviviality moments and presents you a great selection of innovative products.

Physaro Highlights

Percier was founded in 1986. For over 30 years, it has constantly invested in innovation, research and development to meet the growing needs of a quickly developping market. We create employment, we now have more than 100 direct employees in France.
Percier invests in research and development to meet a strong demand for innovation in health and wellness products. A reflection on the mode of distribution and marketing is then carried out.
Three main guidelines:
The Brand "Physaro" is born in 2012 and it's goal is to make well-being accessible to everybody. The trademark is based on the principle of selling in meetings. This method allows the customer to purchases while having a pleasant time. Physaro proposes the latest innovations during the meetings.
Succes story: Today, Physaro represents more than 1000 partners and service providers. We organise more than 4000 meetings per year. Our animators do presentations everywhere in France to bring you the products selected by Physaro..Join us !


Product guarantee

For you, Physaro exclusively selects innovative and quality products for your well-being. It is a will for us to be close to our customers through our meetings and our online shop.

Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee the best possible delivery method, either by us or by our quality service providers. Physaro meets all delivery needs.

Customer Service

Our customer service is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. You can also send us an e-mail or fill in our contact form. We will always do our best to respond to your request.

Do like we did ! Join Physaro

Patrice V. Ambassador Physaro

"As a Magnetotherapy specialist, I am the eldest ambassador of Physaro"

Denys R. Ambassador Physaro

"Make people discover magnetotherapy is my passion"

Jonathan H. Physaro Animator

"I am specialised in high quality bedding, i can councel you and bring you all the technical details."

Romain H. Animateur Physaro

"Romain H. at your service, after my sports carreer, i invest myself completely into well being as an animator with Physaro"

Why choose Physaro?

Physaro's partners are reliable ones, they have more than 25 years of experience and knowledge. Our expertise? We organise events during which we present innovating products and different types of articles for your well being.




Would you like to know if there is a meeting coming up near to you?

On the map below you will see if we have Physaro meetings near your city. Fill in the form to receive an invitation next time we come to your city.

Discover our brands

Physaro only proposes quality brands. This way our ambassadors are not ashamed in front of the customers. It is a necessity for us to bring the only the best products for the whole family.

  • NATURE ET PUR- High quality bedding
  • MASSAGE ENERGY - Pressotherapy
  • MAGNETO ENERGY - Magnetotherapy
  • NATURA & BENESSERE - Natural Cosmetics with Aloe Vera
  • DR. ERNST - Herbal teas and phytotherapy tablets.
  • TILMAN - Phytotherapy - Caring for yourself

Physaro's services


Everything with Physaro starts with research and development. As we want to bring novelty and quality to our clients we are constantly looking for new procedures and improvements in order to increase your satisfaction.


To guarantee your satisfaction, we are present in the workshops of our factories in order to controle and guarantee the quality of the products we propose during our meetings. This also allows us to innovate and collaborate with our partners.

Customer Service

What would be a company without an actif customer service at your service? Our customer service is at your service from mondau to friday from 09h00 till 17h00. For any questions or special demands pleas fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.


Physaro benefits from its own delivery service. We do most of our own transporting, our products are taken care of from the purchase, until the clients reception. This allows us to reduce the costs for us and for the customer. Our transporters are well trained for any installation and allow us to be closer to our customers.


You will find all our products in our online shop. Go and visite our well being products an purchase quality items for your life Online Shop Physaro. You will find all our products and you can share them with the people you like the most.